VSAM-Handy for CICS is a powerful and yet very handy tool to display and update VSAM files on the browser, using their associated COBOL structure definition.

The product supports KSDS, ESDS and RRDS files.  It also works on Temporary Storage Queues, allowing users to view and update any item in any queue.

It generates HTML update forms tailored for each file layout.

Binary and decimal fields are shown and are being entered in displayable format.

Unprintable or invalid decimal fields are presented in hexadecimal characters.

The update facility performs basic validations such as value range and number of decimal digits.

Users may choose which fields (i.e. columns) are shown.

You can write your own record validation routine that is LINK’ed to whenever the user tries to update or add a record, and prevent the update if values are wrong.

VSAM-Handy supports unlimited nesting levels of OCCURS within OCCURS.

The product perfectly handles files that contain multiple record types.

It can also operate without an associated mapping layout.  In such a case, the file is displayed in plain character and hexadecimal formats.

The file or parts of it can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with one key stroke.

VSAM-Handy provides various types of data comparison:


  • Diff between two records from the same file, highlighting the fields that differ.

  • Diff two records, each from a different file.

  • Full scale “Diff” between two files, highlighting keys that exist in one of the files, or keys that exist in both but have different values in the data fields.

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VSAM-Handy record editor
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